Two dead, two injured in road accident in Vrancea County, live on Facebook

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Another accident streamed live on Facebook occurred on the night of Thursday to Friday, with two youngsters dead and two injured. The accident took place at Tamboesti, Vrancea County, on National Road DN2.

The recording lasts only one minute and 33 seconds, showing the four youngsters leaving a parking lot in a car brought from the UK, having the steering wheel on the right, as they shout “put on your seat belts, we are taking off, let’s hear some music.”

The driver and the passenger on the left side try several times to place the phone on the board for better filming.

Suddenly the recording stops, as the car hit a bridgehead.

The 19-year old driver lost control of the car, leaving two passengers dead, aged 14 and 18, and one injured, aged 17.

The rescue teams found the 14-year old boy and the 18-year old one unconscious. One of them had a cardio-respiratory stop. The resuscitation manoeuvres has no results. The young man died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

The 19-year-old driver and 17-year-old passenger had light injuries.

A deadly accident involving Romanian citizens took place in Hungary in late May. A van driven by a Romanian driver crashed into a large lorry on highway M5, some 32 km away from Budapest. The driver was streaming live on Facebook when the accident occurred.

Nine Romanian citizens lost their lives. The driver had no license for passenger transport and the registration card was suspended by police about two months before.

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