Two Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft crash in Germany after mid-air collision

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Two Eurofighter jets collided mid-air in northern Germany on Monday before 2 p.m. The planes collided  near Lake Mueritz, about 100km north of Berlin, more precisely near the Laage military base in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The jets were not armed but were taking part in an air combat mission with a third Eurofighter plane, the German air force said, as quoted in the foreign media.

Initial reports said that both pilots ejected successfully and one was found alive in a forest, however officers told broadcaster n-tv that one pilot had been killed, as the Independent has reported.

The pilot of the third jet observed and reported the collision, the German air force said.

According to The Schweriner Volkszeitung newspaper, the crash prompted forest fires and the aircraft may have hit inhabited areas.

Firefighters have been deployed to tackle any blazes caused by the accident.

Police officers also warned members of the public not to approach the crashed planes, as the wreckage could be dangerous.

More to follow…

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