Two homeless people set on fire in Galati

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Two homeless people have been set on fire while asleep in Galati on Friday. One victim is in serious condition. Investigators are now searching the unidentified person who did that, while opening a criminal record for aggravated murder attempt.

The two homeless persons had an improvised shelter where they used to sleep every night. Their situation was well familiar to the people living in that district.

One of the victims, a 49-year-old man has a more serious condition, having burns on 75% of his body. The other man, aged 59, has fewer injuries, only on his right hand and on his legs. Both of them are admitted to the ward for burnt of the Galati Emergency Hospital.

“In rem criminal prosecution is opened for aggravated murder attempt. Evidence is being collected. There are video camera records that are to be seen. We don’t have an identified suspect so far,” said Liliana Istrate, spokesperson of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Galati Tribunal.

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