Two new Coronavirus cases confirmed in Romania


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Health authorities have confirmed on Friday two more cases of Coronavirus on Romania’s territory: a man from Maramures and a woman from Timisoara.

Both of them have just returned from Italy, but have nothing to do with the first Romanian diagnosed with Coronavirus, the young man from Gorj. The man from Maramures and the woman from Timisoara are also not connected, they are separate cases, they have not been in contact with each other.

The two have recently traveled to Italy, but not in the regions currently under quarantine (Lombardy and Veneto). The woman from Timisoara is in good condition, while the man from Maramures is admitted at the intensive care unit in the hospital in Cluj, as his condition is more serious the woman’s.

Authorities are now in the process of identifying all the people who got in contact recently with the two citizens infected with Covid-19, in order to test and isolate them.

Both patients have been tested for coronavirus in Timisoara.

“We are treating respiratory infections, we are not closing borders, we call for calm,” said Nelu Tatary, secretary of state at the Health Ministry.

Meanwhile, the 25yo young man from Gorj, who tested positive for coronavirus, has undergone a new test today, which came out negative, Digi 24 informs.
The young man will be tested again on Monday. If this test will also come out negative, and the man will not have symptoms, he will be discharged from Matei Bals Hospital, where he is hospitalized now.

The young man has had no symptoms of coronavirus infection so far.

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