Two of the four Romanian soldiers wounded in Afghanistan – sent to Germany for treatment


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Two of the four soldiers wounded in the attack on Sunday in Afghanistan have been transferred on Monday to Germany for medical checks and specialized medical care; the other two will continue to be taken care of in Afghanistan, according to the Ministry of Defence.

The injuries suffered by the four soldiers have not affected their vital organs and their health is expected to evolve favourably.

“Soldier Costică-Victor Tarnovschi, who has suffered superficial wounds without major injuries is to be sent to the ‘White Sharks’ Battalion Force Protection infirmary and will remain under the supervision of a Romanian medical team. (…) The other three soldiers were evacuated Monday morning to the military hospital at Bagram Air Base, where they were again evaluated by the doctors. They have held Corporal Marcel Neagu for detailed medical assessment and specialised treatment. (…) Lieutenant Florin Oprea and Sergeant Eduard-Vlad Romila have been evacuated with a military aircraft to the regional medical American Centre in Landstuhl, Germany for comprehensive medical investigations and specialized care,” a MoD press release issued on Monday informs.

Romanian Land Forces provide a physician, a liaison officer at the hospital in Germany in order to facilitate medical assistance to the wounded and the communication with their families and with the MoD.

Four soldiers of the Romanian White Sharks Force Protection Battalion in Afghanistan were injured on Sunday morning at about 10.30h by an improvised explosive device as they were patrolling the Kandahar province in Afghanistan.

The MoD says in press statement that the soldiers were given first aid and evacuated to the military hospital at the Kandahar Air Base.

Sub-Lieutenant Florin Oprea, Private Eduard-Vlad Romila, Corporal Marcel Neagu and NCO Costica-Victor Tarnovschi were placed under medical supervision.


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