Two patients in Craiova hospital allegedly died due to blood transfusions

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Two patients admitted to “Filantropia” Hospital in Craiova died following blood transfusions, while another four had adverse reactions. The Dolj county healthcare body and the Police are probing into the case.

“It’s about a 81-year-old woman, admitted in the Hematology Ward and a 67-year-old man from the intensive care unit. The hospital management was notified that the two people died under suspect circumstances,” said the PR officer of the Dolj Police Inspectorate, Amelia Barbu.

Until the necropsy is concluded, the Police consider the cases as suspect deaths.

Meanwhile, the Dolj Public Healthcare Direction checked the city hospital, establishing that 12 blood transfusions have been performed at the Hematology Ward on Friday, with six patients showing adverse reactions. Subsequently two of them passed away.

Health Minister Florin Bodog is expecting the report on this case on Monday afternoon.

“There is a preliminary report that the hospital sent to us on Sunday, by the final report is expected this afternoon,” the Health minister stated.

According to him, there is the suspicion that the two persons have died due to the blood transfusions, but until the Police investigation is over, this is not for certain.

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