Two people suspected of Coronavirus are kept in a secret location in Bucharest

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Bucharest general mayor Gabriela Firea has announced on Monday that the City Hall has provided a location in Bucharest where people who are suspect of Coronavirus can be placed under quarantine for 14 days. She also revealed that two people are currently under quarantine there and that the location is secret.

“The location is secret in order to protect these people. The shelter has a capacity of 100 seats, we hope there will not be necessary to fill them all. At the moment, there are two people in there“, Firea said.

The mayor mentioned that the decisions on the quarantine for the suspects of Coronavirus are coordinated by the secretary of state for emergency situations, Raed Arafat. People who return to Romania from the regions where the coronavirus has been confirmed and who present specific symptoms are taken in quarantine in this secret location.

So far, no Romanian citizens has been confirmed with Coronavirus.

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