Two police officers from Galati investigated for not intervening to help a girl covered in blood

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The Galati Police Inspectorate is probing into the conduct of two of its police officers after they were shot on camera while refusing to intervene to help a girl covered in blood on the street, allegedly the victim of a rape.

According to the footage filmed over the weekend and posted on Facebook, the officers are staying the Police car, although a girl covered in blood and in shock was on the street right in front of them.

Several citizens and two bodyguards are also seen in the footage. People in the street asked for the policemen’s help, but the they refused to get out of the car, despite the citizens’ calls.

The victim seemed to be in shock and refused to talk to the people who wanted to help her, while the police officers were witnessing the incident passively.

Eventually the girl was taken to the Children Hospital in Galati, with the person who took the incident on camera announcing on Facebook that she had visited the girl and confirmed the girl had been raped. The person lashed out against policemen and asked for severe actions against the two police officers who refused to help the girl.

“The girls is currently hospitalized, has undergone surgery last night. I visited her together with my husband (one of the bodyguards also on the scene) in hospital. B. is from a disadvantaged family and her parents cannot be with her in these moment. The girl was living in a day-care center, we’ll go there tomorrow to see if the authorities were notified on her case and if they took any action. If not, we’ll personally go to the police! We cannot leave things as they are, it could have happened to any child! The recklessness and negligence of those who are supposed to protect the future of this country should be punished, and particularly the one who did that to this poor child. If anyone knows anything about this event, please, let’s get together to help the girl, that justice is served,” Doro Yola posted on Facebook.

Interim Interior minister, Mihai Fifor, has slammed the police officer’s passivity, ordering further checks.

Regarding the case in Galati, I ordered immediate action and firm inquiries and those who are found guilty should be held accountable, by the law. We won’t accept such incidents will ever repeat. I asked every Chief Inspector to present a thorough evaluation of its police inspectorate in maximum one week,” Fifor said, adding he expects transparency, honesty and fairness.

Those who do not understand the importance and the responsibility of their positions will have to leave”.

Child Protection official: The girl was with her boyfriend, the sexual intercourse was consented

The deputy director of the Galati Child Protection Service, Ciprian Groza, has reacted in this case, saying the girl had a hall pass over the weekend to meet with her boyfriend, a 15yo minor and that the sexual intercourse was consented by both of them.

“I won’t comment the police’s intervention. The girl is out of danger, she had a hall pass to see her boyfriend whom she has been seeing for o a month. The investigation so far has determined that the sexual intercourse was consented, the boy has 15 years old,” said the deputy director.

Groza further said the girl had seen a therapist and “as far as she said, she was not raped”.

Legally speaking she left with permission, from 17:00hrs to 20:00hrs. She went to her lover, no way we could have known that”, Groza added.


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