Two Romanian pupils from Constanta, maximum score at the American SAT

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Two high school pupils from the International Informatics High School in Constanta, Sorina Andrei and Radu Zevri have scored the maximum rating at the American Baccalaureate, both at mathematics and physics.

Both Sorina, a 11th grade student and Radu, in the 12th grade, passed the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) on Maths and Physics with the maximum score – 800 points.

Radu, a national Olympic student at Maths, boasting the first position and a golden medal last year, is a big fan of mathematics. He also attended the National Mathematics Olympiad in Ireland last year, ranking third. Now, Radu had the SAT tests at maths and other subjects and scoring 800 points for each discipline.

In her turn, Sorina is a multi-awarded national student at the maths contests. She took only the SAT test for Mathematics 2, the most difficult level, where she scored 800 points and she is now preparing for chemistry.

The two pupils say the SAT exams are not very difficult for the Romanian pupils who is accustomed to constantly train for various subjects and competitions, the only hardship, they say, may be the short time allotted to answering a question.

Sorina and Radu have trained for a week for each exam on the average.

The two pupils want to continue their studies abroad, prestigious universities in the UK and US being their first options.

Several days ago, another high school pupil from Constanta, scored the same performance at the SAT tests.

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