Two Romanian teen girls in the footsteps of Greta Thunberg, fight for climate education, gender equality

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As people around the world are now feeling the powerful impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important not to neglect other critical global issues we have been historically subjected to.

Having interupted their daily activities, two young activists from Ploiești noticed the effects of this current reality on our society, along with the environment, thus they decided they had to lead the change our world desperately needs.

Despite being only sixteen years old, Rania Derweesh and Daria Primăvăruș are determined to use their freedom as a privilege to draw attention towards minimalized, but crucial international problems, which affect us more than we tend to believe.

In hopes of setting an example, the two political enthusiasts have launched their very own website (, dedicated to persuading teenagers to stand up and make a change. Through their platform, not only do they write heartwarming articles about climate change, solutions and consequences, but also subjective arguments regarding the way our political system functions.

“It is vital to understand the decisions that are made in politics, especially at this age, as they have devious methods of impacting us and our generation. The transition towards a more democratic and transparent political system can be made only if we inform ourselves,” Rania declares.

As they strive to see equitable participation within global politics, they have recently organized a campaign dedicated to raising awareness on gender stereotypes. Mobilizing teenagers around the country, they shed light on the importance of solidarity within female empowerment through local manifestations and blog posts.

Additionally, the two girls have laid in their county the foundations of the internationally recognized movement, “Fridays for Future”, which began after Greta Thunberg protested against the lack of climate action.

Daria and Rania have united behind the science, promoting the insurance of climate justice and equity through their organized protests and online climate strikes. Most recently, the Fridays for Future team, coordinated by the two, has made its voice heard nationally, at a well known event, held in Galați.

“It is our firm belief that climate education and political studies should be compulsory in schools; as education plays a crucial role in promoting peace, development and growth,” Daria said.

Furthermore, to take matters into their own hands, the sixteen year olds are laying the groundwork of a new NGO, that will be dedicated to incorporating ecology within education.

Rania and Daria have proven that no one is too small to make a change, and no change is too small to save the world. With their ambition to make a difference in hand, their writings, protests, activities and dreams, they are setting the scene for a better tomorrow.

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