Two Romanians detained after devastating a church in the Italian city of Cesena

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Two Romanians, apparently intoxicated, have been detained on Sunday after having a fight after the Resurrection service, devastating a church in the Italian city of Cesena, the ‘Il Giornale’ daily reports, quoted by

The news was delivered by the Italian press after a policeman who intervened to settle the conflict posted a recording on Facebook.

The recording was also redistributed by Gianni Tonelli and Massimo Bitonci, Deputies from the North League anti-immigration group. “Two immigrants have entered the church and brought it into this state. There are no words describing such barbarism,” Bitonci commented.

The police had to use pepper spray to immobilize the aggressors, who broke the banks, broke some windows, threw the candles, and were cut by the glass during the fight.

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