Two young Romanians develop the first app for children with autism


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A mobile app for children with autism, developed by two young Romanians, is among the hi-tech novelties to be introduced within the DevTalks IT conference due in Bucharest, Romania these days.

In Romania, roughly 3,000 children (1 in 51) suffer from autism. Auttie App is the first such tool in Romania that is encouraging the parents of autistic kids or who have learning disabilities to continue the therapy outside the therapist’s office, assisted by a specialist.

The app co-founders are Andreea-Daniela Ene and Rareș Ravariu.

The Auttie App team will have a stall in the Start-ups area within DevTalks Bucharest and will tell the app’s story with the help of VR glasses, offering participants a glimpse of the world through the eyes of autistic children.

The app has three modules: learning, speaking and tracking.

Using Augmented Reality, the app helps children learn in a pleasant and fun way. The learning module contains a wide variety of choices, like vocabulary, calculus, object recognition, etc.

The virtual assistant helps children improve their vocabulary and communication skills. The algorithms are improving children’s spelling and pronunciation.

The application also identifies the children’s distance from the mobile phone and alerts the parents when they move away.

All objects in the application are 3D, creating the pefect learning environment that promotes children’s creativity.

The app is also promoting quality family time interactions, as parents can have a great impact to the development process by creating their own content, adapted to children’s needs.

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