U.S. Embassy condemns the vandalism against the Jewish cemetery in Huși

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The Embassy of the United States of America in Romania unequivocally condemned the recent vandalism carried out against the Jewish cemetery in Huși.

“The destruction of dozens of Jewish graves is not only an attack against the Jewish community, but also an attack against the diversity of the entire Romanian society.  We stand together with the Jewish families whose loved ones’ graves were desecrated and call for those responsible for this attack to be brought to justice,” reads a press release by the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest.

The Jewish Cemetery in Husi, Vaslui county (eastern Romania) has been vandalized the past days, with over 70 tombs being destroyed.

It is not acceptable that such an atrocious, anti-human event should happen today, modern Romania, as this tomb raiding (…) Such events with a deep anti-Semite character seriously affect the democracy in Romania,” says a press release issued by the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania.

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