Uber, Bolt and Clever ask for GEO to regulate ridesharing servicest, send letters to PM Dancila, Dragnea


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The Association Coalition for Digital Economy, an independent organisation representing the main ridesharing and e-hailing companies in Romania, Uber, Bolt and Clever, has launched the petition #continuam (we continue), dedicated to those who want modern taxi services to go on in Romania.

On Tuesday, the association informed it had sent open letter over this issue to PM Viorica Dancila and to the ruling party leader Liviu Dragnea, who is also speaker of the Chamber of Deputies.

The ridesharing companies warn that amendments brought to Law38/2003 enforced last week, dubbed by the lack of specific laws to regulate the ridesharing and e-hailing services have created a crisis that is growing deeper and deeper.

The petition can be signed at https://www.continuam.ro/ where all information about the present situation on the ride sharing and e-hailing market are available.

We wanted to provide those 2.5 million Romanians who use these platforms with a channel where they can voice their opinion, in a civilised way, the same way the transport services that we represent are. We think that we can make our voice heard not through street protests, by blocking public squares and traffic, but through civic mobilisation. We hope Romania’s Government will also hear these voices and will take a decision as soon as possible,” said Catalin Codreanu, president of the Association Coalition for Digital Economy.

The Association believes that only the immediate adoption of an Emergency Ordinance to regulate the ridesharing services will ensure that they can go on their activity and will prevent abuses against the partner drivers.

Uber, Clever and Bolt warn that any misinterpretation of the amendments operated on the Taxi Law last week as well as the lack of the specific regulation led to numerous actions against their drivers: fines, seized license plates and even acts of violence.

Therefore, the association says that the number of drivers active on their platforms has dropped by 25% in only one day, while the waiting time for the placed orders through the three applications has increased to more than 10 minutes.

At the end of March, the Executive adopted the emergency ordinance to amend Law no. 38/2003 regulating taxi and rental transport, inter alia by deleting the word ‘repeatedly’.

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