UK doctors delete 200 diseases from Romanian baby’s genes


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A Romanian baby whose parents are living in UK is the first one in Europe who is born completely healthy. The five-month baby boy, born in London after in vitro fertilization received a revolutionary treatment since he was just an embryo and thus, doctors could erase 200 genetic diseases that he could inherit from his parents or grandparents. The decision came after his mother is suffering of a disease that leads to muscle atrophy and the baby had 50 percent chances to inherit the illness.

How did the procedure go? In the first instance the parents underwent a special scanning procedure for genetic diseases, then doctors selected only the embryos that were not affected by any possible diseases and one of them was implanted to the woman. No more than 200 genetic diseases were thus deleted by technology, including the Down syndrome.

“Karyomapping is a method of detecting genetic diseases in human embryos following in vitro fertilization. The potential diseases leave marks on the entire genome, through all 23 pairs of chromosomes and allow us to track the genetic diseases up to the embryo,” dr. Alan Handyside, genetics expert said, as quoted by Digi 24.

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