UK nationals living in Romania have one month left to apply for residence


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  • UK Nationals living in Romania before the 1 January 2021 must apply for residency by 31 December
  • Less than half of the UK Nationals have already applied but there are still many who need to before the deadline
  • UK Nationals living in Romania should visit for more information.

With just one month left until the residency application window closes for UK Nationals living in Romania, the British Embassy Bucharest is encouraging UK Nationals, who have not already done so, to apply for residency today.

British Ambassador to Romania Andrew Noble said: With just one month until the deadline, ensuring you have applied for residency is a matter of urgency in order to protect your rights to live in Romania and your future. Those of who have British friends, neighbours or family members who arrived in Romania before 1 January, should ask them whether they have applied and, if not, encourage them to start the process now.”

British ambassadors from a number of EU countries with residency application windows closing published a video on social media encouraging UK Nationals to take action today.

Since the Brexit referendum the British Embassy in Romania has been running a range of activities to encourage UK Nationals to apply for residency such as outreach events or virtual meetings.

This is in addition to a marketing campaign run by the UK Government to promote actions that UK Nationals living in Europe need to take.

UK Nationals can visit the Living in Guide for information and useful guidance on what actions they may need to take, as well as sign up for email alerts for the latest updates.


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  1. Mr Rearguard says

    I’ve got my new residency but it is stuck in an office in Bacau because they won’t let me in to collect it as I haven’t taken the jibby jab. Nothing changes in Romania, ever.

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