UK to close doors to unskilled workers, including to “Polish plumbers or Romanian builders”


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UK has announced it will close its borders to unskilled workers and those who can’t speak English as part of the Government new immigration plan to regulate the domestic labour market after Brexit.

The London Cabinet has released on Wednesday the system based on ten rules to be enforced to foreign workers from now on.

So, British borders will be closed to unskilled workers or to those who do not speak English, including to “Polish plumbers or Romanian builders.”

“There will be no route for self-employed people coming into the UK, spelling the end to, for example, Polish plumbers or Romanian builders arriving without a job.”

One of the rules points that “anyone wanting to come to the UK to work must have a job offer with a salary threshold of £25,600”. “Though a salary “floor” of £20,480 will be acceptable in special cases where there might have a skills shortage skills, such as in nursing,” they argue.

However, the new policy drew immediate criticism from employers, particularly over the addition of waiters, waitresses and “elementary” agriculture and fishery workers to the list of low-skilled workers.

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