Ultras football supporters – involved in clashes during Bucharest rally? Accused and accusers

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Part of the Romanian media has accused on Thursday the violence in Piata Victoriei, claiming that the ones who started the violence are ultras supporters of football teams such as Dinamo, Rapid and Steaua.

Journalist Catalin Tolontan wrote on his blog that the Interior Ministry could arrest the offenders easily, as the gendarmes know the supporters very well. “The ultras supporters are often infiltrated by officers. There is a connection between the ultras supporters and the football clubs. The violent ones are a minority among the ultras. (…) The ultras supporters are infiltrated and often controlled. The gendarmes have reports on the way the ultras receive money for trips and other costs from the club owners,” the journalist wrote. He added that ultras supporters of Dinamo, Rapid and Steaua were present in Piata Victoriei Wednesday evening.

Ex-wife of Dinamo owner Negoita claims supporters were taken by bs to the rally

Carmen Negoita, former wife of FC Dinamo Bucharest owner Ionut Negoita, claims that the Dinamo supporters were taken over by bus from Rin Grand Hotel to the rally downtown Bucharest. “Negoita brothers are PSD members and all have criminal files under investigation,” she said.

She wrote on Facebook “The Negoita brothers summoned Dinamo supporters at Rin Grand Hotel and took them by bus, armed with firecrackers and tear gas to ruin the protest Wednesday evening. Negoita brothers are PSD members and have criminal files, they would benefit from the pardon bill.”

Dinamo owner Ionut Negoita denied having connections with the protests: “I have no connection with the violence! He told gsp.ro he has no good relations with the ultras, “it’s a lie that I’ve been at Rin Grand Hotel. They went to the basketball match Dinamo-Steaua, in no way to the hotel.”

Dinamo ultras supporters deny the charges and attack the media instead. “The TV stations, which are paid by the political parties, are the ones to win while we kill each other in the street, and they have huge audience. They do not mention the garbage this government is conducting, the cowardice of the offenders and they charge innocent people,” Dinamo supporters wrote on Facebook.

They say football supporter must have attended the protests, but this does not justify “lies, misinformation and instigation.”

“You, the media, talk about diversion, when all you do is to manipulate?” They also say none of them attended the Steaua-Dinamo basketball match as said.


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