UN, notified over the Romanian gendarmes’ alleged irregularities during the August 10 rally

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The report on the Romanian Gendarmerie’s violent intervention against the protesters at the Diaspora rally on August 10 has reached the United Nations (UN). The document is analysed by the UN experts after over 81,000 people have asked for their support in this case, following the gendarmes’ assaults on peaceful protesters, Declic community announced.

The above-mentioned source says that the report, made upon the request of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, is presenting evidence on the “abuses and blatant violations of the human rights in a EU and NATO member state”. The report also represents an alarm bell on the use of tear gas against peaceful civilians.

We see the UN as an independent, unbiased body, that can make the authorities in Bucharest conclude the investigation and assume responsibility for the violation of human rights during the protest rallies in Romania. We consider that only this way can the social trust in the state institutions and its justice mechanisms be restored,” says the report made by Marius Stan, research director at the Hannah Arendt Centre for study of totalitarianism within Bucharest University.

The report contains information, interviews with the victims, photo and video footage, law excerpts that refer to human rights.

About 800 criminal complaints have been filed by protesters against gendarmes in the file on the Diaspora rally, August 10, a case investigated by the General Prosecutor’s Office.

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