UNICEF: 2 in 3 children have attended online classes during the lockdown in Romania

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Children in Romania are concerned about the safety of their parents who are going to work during the lockdown prompted by the novel coronavirus crisis, says a UNICEF survey. Romanian kids are also preoccupied with the education they are getting during this time, with the environment and the impact that the quarantine measures has on reducing pollution, with the sources of information and with the need of having personal space.

The online survey conducted on www.qie.ro by UNICEF during March 22-25 found out that children managed to find new hobbies during lockdown like learning to cook, but also to keep connected to their friends.

The poll surveyed over 4,600 children, around 1,000 parents and 1,000 teachers also revealed that only 2 in 3 children had attended online classes.

50% of the surveyed teachers said that mobile devices are needed for children so that education should be efficient and available to everyone. 30% think educational resources are mostly needed, and 16% consider  the IT equipment mandatory in schools.

37% of parents said they are spending more time with their children and that they would like advice on how to use this time in a positive way.

“This crisis will be an important opportunity for humankind to understand that we must protect the world, to modernise the education system and to find new ways of learning”, said 15-year-old Anda from Oradea.

Pieter Bult, the UNICEF Representative in Romania said in an online conference that it is a time of challenges for all of us, while UNICEF Romania is acting to endorse the measures to counter the COVID-19 epidemic and to maintain the essential services for children: education, protection and health. Arguing that the situation of Romanian children was difficult even before the pandemic, he warned that the post-pandemic world will be tougher for children if proper actions to continue essential services for children are not taken.

UNICEF forecasts that 9% of the children and youngsters under 18 worldwide (2.34 billion) are living in one of those 186 countries where there are movement restrictions enforced due the COVID-19 pandemic. 60% of children in the world, meaning 1.4 billion, are living in one of the 82 states where a total economic and social lockdown is in force (7%) or partial lockdown (53%). According to UNICEF, the current medical crisis risks turning into a crisis of children’s rights.

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