United for Ukraine expands its activities and involves private businesses and NGOs in Europe and the world to help Ukrainiansas


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United for Ukraine is an international NGO that has provided information and legal support to Ukrainians since the early days of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, bringing together concerned partners to become a powerful community and effective ecosystem that helps Ukrainians integrate while abroad.

According to the UN, more than 4.2 million people have left the country since February 24 after Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

“From the first days, United for Ukraine has become a platform where everyone can receive help, find temporary housing and shelter, get useful information on social protection, talk to psychologists and get legal advice. From the very outset, we began providing humanitarian aid (food, clothing, medicine) not only to those who were able to go abroad but also to those who remained in Ukraine. Now, in addition to these areas, we are actively working to support Ukrainian businesses and startups, provide evacuated Ukrainian women with jobs and vocational training opportunities, and consolidate the efforts of partners in both the private and public sectors. We unite the world around Ukraine and lay the foundation for the restoration of a strong democratic and prosperous Ukraine after victory,” said Olga Hamama, co-founder of United for Ukraine.

The United for Ukraine team has already managed to attract more than 500 international and Ukrainian partners and provide comprehensive assistance to war victims.

The United for Ukraine team has already managed to attract more than 500 international and Ukrainian partners and provide comprehensive assistance to war victims.

Airbnb.org has provided a $350,000 credit line with the option of increasing it to $3 million for rental housing for displaced persons from Ukraine.

Four hundred lawyers in 34 countries are assisting with legal issues and problems faced by Ukrainian temporary migrants and displaced businesses who were able to keep on working.

Eintracht Frankfurt football club and United For Ukraine, with the support of the German Red Cross and the Consulate of Ukraine in Frankfurt, have organized a fundraiser for Ukrainians in need and are supporting those arriving in the German state of Hessen.

Additionally, more than 500,000 euros has been raised with the help of United for Ukraine in various initiatives and collaborations, including #ArtistsForUkraine.

“These are just a few examples among dozens of projects and initiatives. We connect, communicate and act 24/7 but we understand that even more work awaits us when we have to rebuild our home. We are inspired by the unprecedented strength and spirit of Ukrainians. As soon as the war is over the task of rebuilding Ukraine and creating a cradle of modern democracy and a new economy will begin,” said United for Ukraine’s co-founder Nina Levchuk.

According to the results of a study by the Razumkov Center sociological service, the vast majority of Ukrainians forced abroad due to hostilities in Ukraine plan on returning home after the war

These people will become part of a community that will promote change and develop Ukraine. For them, the U’re the Future of Ukraine initiative has been launched together with international partners. It provides support to entrepreneurs, startups and cultural projects that will benefit both Ukraine and the rest of the world.

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