Universitar Hospital CFO resigns amid employees’ protest and Health Ministry’s checks

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The Universitar Hospital CFO, Liana Pauleanu, has resigned on Wednesday amid scandal on unsanitary conditions and on pay cuts.

„I cannot accept being treated the way you kindly did yesterday in the presence of the Control Body of the Health Ministry. Please, treat your subordinates with respect and assume the decisions you take,” the CFO wrote in the resignation request forwarded to the hospital’s general manager, Adriana Nica.

The Health Minister’s Control Body is conducting checks at the Universitar Hospital in Bucharest, probing into the way the funds give by the ministry to the hospital have been spent.

Part of the hospital’s staff accuses that investments are not visible in the medical unit, starting a protest action on Monday. Employees claim that they are forced to clean the medical toolbox with water and soap, that disinfectants are lacking, while the furniture in the operating rooms is old, worn and dangerous, endangering the patients’ health.

The hospital manager Adriana Nica has denied all accusation and asked the Health Ministry to conduct a check.

Two of the nurses, a man and a woman, have been on hunger strike for three days. The man’s got sick today, but refused to be treated at the Universitar Hospital and asked to be taken to the Military Hospital.

I have gone on hunger strike due to the filth in the system, material deprivation, old medical devices. But we have been mostly outraged for money is cut from our pays,” Dan Simion said.

His colleague nurse, a woman, said she had informed the management of the hospital she is on general strike indefinitely, asking for the manager’s resignation. „We cannot accept the lies, the dictatorship, the indolence of the management. I have personally seen a lot of irregularities starting with our nurse uniforms, we don’t have shoes, I have to buy them with my own money, I wash my uniform at home. We are taking all the germs to our home, to our families, children or old parents. The patients’ lives is permanently jeopardized in this hospital, from the intensive care unit to the morgue,” nurse Mariana Luceanu said, as quoted by Mediafax.

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