Unprecedented crisis in the Romanian hospitality industry, over 19,000 unfilled jobs

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The hard-pressed hospitality industry in Romania is facing more problems, one month before the new summer season starts. Hotel owners complained of an acute staff shortage.

The representatives of the Accommodation Industry Federation in Romania argued there are currently over 19,000 jobs unfilled in the industry, according to the online recruiting platforms.

As fewer and fewer are willing to be seasonal workers, the only solution might be „the staff imports”.

The work shortage is growing for the development of tourism is pretty increased, we have new hotels. The staff import is a solution, the fastest one, but it cannot cover our need to a larger extent. The second solution is for us to get more and more involved in the education part,” said Calin Ile, the president of the federation.

He gave the example of Poland, which brought over 1 million people from Ukraine to work in their hospitality sector.

The hospitality federation official argued that laws are needed in Romania first, as well as the regulation of the extra earning incomes.

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