Untold, Neversea music festivals might be held around August 1

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PM Florin Cîțu said in Constant today that big events, such as Untold or Neversea music festivals cannot be organized as of June 1, but probably closer to the date of August 1 or after August 1.

“I don’t think it is possible for these events to be held on June 1. When it come to big events, we’ll have to be aware that they cannot happen as of June 1, but closer to August 1 or after August 1,” the PM explained.

He also added that a decision on wedding and christening parties will be taken on Friday, May 7.

On Wednesday, while asked when private parties, such weddings and christening parties take place, the premier replied: “When we get vaccinated”.

He detailed that this will most probably happen after June 1, the date proposed by the PM to reach the threshold of 5 million people vaccinated.

Restaurants’ re-opening with vaccinated customers: An app can be used, PM proposed

As for the restaurants that will be able to re-open their indoor venues for vaccinated customers, PM Citu said that an application can be developed to check clients by their social security numbers.

Asked how restaurants will know which customers are vaccinated, the premier said there is a proposal that restaurants should check clients through a data base app, by their social security number.

No mask on the beach, distancing between sunbeds

At the same time, the Romanian PM announced that the summer season will open in two phases, with some restrictions gradually lifted, one as of June 1 and another one as of August 1. The premier said that the protection facemask will not be mandatory on the beach starting with June 1. Citu mentioned  though that there will be distancing between sunbeds.

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