Update 2: Woman, detained in Bucharest for murder after pushing another woman in front of the metro train

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A 36-year-old woman has been detained for 30 days on Wednesday evening being suspected of having pushed a young woman on the subway line in Bucharest . The 25-year-old woman has eventually died following impact with the metro train.

According to judicial sources, the young woman killed on Tuesday night is named Alina Ciucu and is from Craiova.

Investigators are now trying to find the motive for the murder.

The incident occurred in Distror 1 metro station and according to eyewitnesses, the suspect pushed the 25yo woman on the metro line when the train was arriving in the station. The images with the aggressor before the incident were captured on the subway’s cameras.img

 “Information available at the moment reveal that the person would have just pushed the victim to the metro train approaching the station. There are no certitude at this moment that they would have been involved in a conflict,” said the Romanian Police spokeswoman, Diana Sarca late on Tuesday.

Investigators say that the aggressor left the metro station right after the attack.

The woman would have tried to push another young girl in front of the metro train in Costin Georgian station.

It’s an incident that occurred several hours before, but which was reported to the Police around 8 p.m. on Tuesday. Another young girl would have been pushed, but fortunately nothing happened to her and she went to report the incident to the Police around 8 p.m.,” the Police spokeswoman said.

Striking disclosures, the female aggressor apparently has psychiatric problems

Judicial sources disclosed on Wednesday that, according to preliminary information, the 25yo girl who was killed would have tried to get up after she had been pushed, but the aggressor prevented her from getting up and kicked her with her feet. Investigators also disclosed some of the details during the hearings, saying the suspect hasn’t admitted the crime, and that she used to be incoherent and all that she declared made no sense. The aggressor has undergone a psychiatric expertize.

Further investigations revealed that the alleged female criminal’s name is Magdalena Serban and she used to post incoherent messages on Facebook, pretending she had been sexually abused by her own brother. She also said that she was on hunger strike for justice is not served in her case.

There are several messages on her Facebook account that made no sense. She accuses her brother of rape, but also other persons who, she says “have ruined her reputation while working as a maid in private homes“.

Magdalena Serban claims she has worked as a maid in Spain, but several persons have filmmed and released intimate photos of her which “ruined her social life”.

Hundreds of people commented the case on social media, voicing their indignation that none of those 300 friends in the woman’s Facebook list hasn’t seized upon her psychiatric problems.

Earlier on Wednesday, Interior Minister Carmen Dan has congratulated the police officers within the Bucharest Police who managed to identify the suspect in this case in just several hours. The minister also thanked the citizens who helped the policemen to clear up this case, for their involvement and solidarity.

However, first statements and evidence reveal that, although there were more people on the platform at the moment of the incident, no one ran after the aggressor to stop her, and thus the woman managed to run away.

The victim’s tragic life and end

Alina Ionela Ciucu, the young woman killed at the metro, was living in Bucharest with her boyfriend for several years. She graduated high school in Craiova and the faculty in Bucharest.

The girl had a tough life. As she was born to a poor family in Ostroveni village in Dolj county, Alina was eventually adopted by some neighbours when she was 7. Her biological mother was sick and she gave her consent for the girl to be adopted by a family living next to her.

Her relatives say the woman used to work part-time during faculty to be able to cover her expenses.

One of Alina’s biological aunts, Maria Ghinceanu said that the girl was a breaktakingly beauty and she ressembled to a movie star.

Alina’s foster parents were on their way to Bucharest on Wednesday. His foster father, Alexandru Popescu, told journalists that the state institutions should keep the aggressor locked and tied up.

Alina Ciucu was member of the People’s Movement Party, district 3 in Bucharest, sources within the party told local news agencies.

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  1. Cosmin says

    F…. bitch.Why the f… don’t we have capital punishment for this animals?!

    1. Ohreally898 says

      That was evil. Don’t give me this garbage about her being mentally ill. If she’s mentally ill and craves to murder people, then she can’t be rehabilitated. She thinks this way by default, so that’s even more reason to keep her locked up for life, and not in a hospital.

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