Update: 291 criminal complaints filed, 127 hearings after Diaspora rally on August 10

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291 criminal complaints against gendarmes have been registered at the Military Prosecutor’s Office in Bucharest until Sunday and military prosecutors have heard 127 people so far in the case of the violence during the Diaspora rally on August 10.

Gendarmes are accused of abusive intervention during the meeting in Victoriei Square.

34 more complaints have been filed on Sunday, and 19 on Saturday, according to the Supreme Court representatives. Complaints or denunciations can also be filed on Monday, when further prosecution is to be carried out at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice, on 12 Libertatii Boulevard, district 5, Bucharest.

At the same, the Prosecutor’s Office asked the mass media not to pressure investigators.

The Prosecutor General warns over the danger generated by the systematic attacks from mass media over some prosecutors who are investigating these files. At the same time, the Prosecutor General reiterates that impartial investigations will be carried out to find the truth on the deeds, to identify the involved people, as well as to establish the legal responsibilities,” a press release says.

Police has opened a file for assault against a former dentist, now pensioner. In his turn, doctor Liciniu Miculeanu has filed a complaint against the Gendarmerie on Saturday.

I was taken to a Police station, I don’t know which one for I was dizzy, I fainted and after that I was taken to the Prosecutor’s Office, where I said I would sue the Gendarmerie chiefs for they had set me up a file for assault. The file is ridiculous. They claimed I kicked and punched gendarmes. I am limp. I could not have reached the gendarmes’ shields and helmets even if I had been 20 years old. If I had kicked and punched them I would have had hand injuries. I put my hands to cover my face, I was completely blind. Three gendarmes sprayed tear gas into my face. How could I have kicked them? I have 70 years old, there were six gendarmes, how could have I beaten them? I filed a complaint. I also remembered some things, TVs also helped me identify some people. I want to also sue that Paraschiv guy, the one in white (editor note: a Gendarmerie chief wearing white civilian clothes who coordinated the gendarmes during the protest on August 10). I am suing the Gendarmerie chiefs for murder attempt and conspiracy to commit murder, for they are to blame, not the young gendarmes, they were just following orders,” said Liciniu Miculeanu, retired dentist.

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