Update: At least 70 doctors and nurses infected with Coronavirus at Suceava County Hospital. Medical staff blame the hospital management

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At least 70 doctors, nurses and orderly staff from the Suceava County Hospital, northern Romania have tested positive for the novel Coronavirus-COVID-19, while two people hospitalized here have died. The hospital will be closed down and all doctors in the hospital will be place din isolation, the secretary of state within the Health Minister Nelu Tataru announced.

Overall, 27 doctors  of the county hospitals have tested positive for COVID-19 so far, next to 30 nurses and 13 medical orderlies.

The hospital will be disinfected within the upcoming two days and will be used exclusively to treat the Coronavirus cases. The other patients treated for other diseases will be transferred to the hospitals in the region. Doctors from other cities will be sent in Suceava to cope with this situation.

On the other hand, earlier in the morning, the hospital management argued they cannot be held responsible for this situation and that they had bought all the protective materials they found on the market, but that some suppliers had not responded anymore , while others had terminated the contracts as they had run out of supplies.

The hospital said that protective suits have been permanently made available for the intervention staff in the cases suspected or confirmed for COVID-19.

Unfortunately, we have faced so many undeclared cases, with patients who lied about their travel history or about the contacts with people coming from the risk areas, and we also faced a global crisis on protective suits. This is happening not only in our hospital, but in all hospitals worldwide. It was not our negligence, we did our best and bought all the protective materials that we found on the market”, the hospital stated in a press release.

However, the doctors from the Suceava Hospital say the hospital management has covered things, talking about initial cases of people returned from Italy who arrived in their hospital with respiratory failure, but who were not reported as patients with COVID-19.

In a feature published by Libertatea daily newspaper, the medical staff says that the number of infected people, including them, has increased because of the management’s bad decisions and lack of organisation.


Doctor from Covasna, positive for Coronavirus, under criminal investigation

A gynecologist from the Sfântu Gheorghe County Hospital is under criminal investigated for not complying with the isolation rules after returning from Austria. The doctor has tested positive for COVID-19 soon after he returned from abroad. Prosecutor have opened a criminal file against him, for foiling disease prevention.

The doctor was on a trip to Austria this month and he tested positive for Coronavirus on March 21. Checks have revealed the doctor had not stayed in home isolation, although Austria was included in the risk areas.

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