Update: Bucharest and Iasi hospital employees continue protests, vow to go on general strike soon

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The health public system employees continue the protests even after the Easter holiday, dissatisfied with the fact that their revenues do not increase, according to the ruling coalition’s promises, even worse, their revenues fall due to the cut of cash bonuses.

Several dozen employees of the Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumophysiology in Bucharest have protested on Tuesday in the courtyard of the hospital, dissatisfied that their wages would decrease by as much as RON 1,400 due to the cuts of the cash bonuses.

People carried A4 sheets, with the message ‘Spontaneous protest’, and say they work in a high-risk conditions, with patients with tuberculosis or HIV/AIDS, but their cash benefits have been diminished and they expect to collect lower wages by RON 1,400.

The protest did not affect the activity in the medical unit, but the employees are determined to continue the action until the problem is resolved.

Also Tuesday morning, some 100 employees with the Pneumophtisology Hospital in Iasi gathered in front of the institution carrying placards, demanding the wage rights. They had also taken to the street last Thursday and vow to continue the protests until the problems are solved, ziare.com informs.

“We’re here to protest again and we are going to do so in the coming days as well, until the problems are solved. It’s not normal to see your revenues cut by RON 1,370. The Government says the wages have been increased, but they’ve forgotten to say the revenues are down, due to the cut of the cash bonuses we had. This is not normal. On Thursday or Friday we’ll protest in front of the Iasi prefecture. If no solution is found, we’ll be soon going on general strike,” the medical unit’s trade union leader, Victorela Vieriu, said.

She added that Sanitas trade union has scheduled a discussion with the Iasi County Council chairman, Maricel Popa.

Popa admits some employees have seen their revenues fall, as the cash bonuses have been cut, however he points to the physicians, who have their wages increased.

“At this hospital, there is a special situation, some employees had cash bonuses equivalent to their wages. We’ll have a discussion by the end of the week, perhaps on Friday, to find a solution. The law has been amended by the Government, and they are under Health Ministry’s management. There are employees with higher wages, but they do not step forward to say it,” Maricel Popa said.

Popa added that, if the budget of this hospital increases, then the money will come from another medical unit, which will lead to similar problems.

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