Update: Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea asks physicians from Colentina Hospital to give up resignations

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Bucharest Mayor General Gabriela Firea has proposed to Dr. Ionut Gobej, one of the two neurosurgeons of Colentina Hospital who resigned on Monday, to take over the post of head of the Neurosurgery Section. The mayor has also asked Dr. Bica to give up the resignation.

“I’ve had a constructive and fair discussion with doctors Gobej and Bica. The physicians should be helped in their work because the patients’ lives depend on them. I’ve asked them to reconsider the decision to resign and I assured them of all my support,” Gabriela Firea said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Mayor has also requested a detailed report on staffing issues and the procurement of medical supplies by Colentina Hospital.

Gabriela Firea proposed to Dr. Gobej to take over the office of Head of Neurosurgery. At the same time, she has asked the two doctors to make a proposal for an interim medical director at Colentina Hospital. Doctors Gobej and Bica have proposed Mrs. Lelia Iliescu.

“I would like to inform you that we have requested to speed up the procedures for supplementing the positions at Colentina Hospital. At the same time, according to the law, in the next period will be organized the competitions for the employment of manager positions for all the 19 hospitals subordinated to the city hall,” Gabriela Firea said.

According to digi24.ro neurosurgeon Ionut Gobej has reacted to the proposal: “It’s rather strange to propose someone to take over the position of interim medial director for two weeks. In two weeks you don’t even get the microscope covers, I don’t know what we can do. It’s a sad amusement. We’ve got the promise that the problems at Colentina Hospital will be solved soon, meaning the staff, the material support.”

Patients’ Alliance asks for the hospital’s interim management replacement

The Alliance of Chronic Patients in Romania asked the Bucharest City Hall in an open letter to replace the Colentina Hospital’s interim managers, adding that “hospitals are not party feuds, but public asset”.

Neurosurgeon doctor Ionuţ Gobej has announced on Monday that, along with his colleague Dorin Bică, he has resigned from his position at Colentina Hospital, showing that in the past eight months the Neurosurgery Department has refused 60 patients due to lack of personnel, consumables and medicines and due to the restricted schedule for surgery.

He recalls that they were captivated by the proposal to set up a neurosurgery section at the highest level for brain surgery. He was trained at the most prestigious medical institutions in France and has returned to Romania for this reason.

At first things developed well and in 2016 he performed more than 300 surgeries with low invasive methods, whereas in 2017 a new surgery room was expected to be completed and new colleagues have arrived, Gobej said.

He blames the change of management of the hospital and the vision has been shifted dramatically, aiming to destroy the section and the intensive care unit. Gobej also underlines that 60 patients have been refused for brain tumours surgery in 2017, due to lack of personnel, consumables and medicine. “To all these adds the constant harassment on the personnel in the sections of intensive care and neurosurgery,” he wrote on Facebook.

The hospital management reacted by saying there was no decision to restrict the activity.

Political turn

Referring to the resignations of the high trained physicians from Colentina Hospital, former PSD leader Victor Ponta lashed on Monday at the current social-democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea. Ponta says Dragnea has lied the doctors in Romania that they will be exempt from income tax, whereas Dragnea was a friend of the Health Insurance House manager, “who stole from the patient’s money.”

Ponta recalls that in 2014, while PM, he supported the Health Minister at the time to support Romanian surgeons abroad to return and everything went well until 2015. Now “the Dragnea governance is ruining everything!” he said.

“The message to the doctors is they don’t have where to return to and to the patients that they don’t have where to be treated. Moreover, the physicians will not be exempt from income tax, as promised,” Ponta concluded.


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