Update: Carmen Adamescu, placed under house arrest


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The magistrates of the Bucharest Court have approved the request of the prosecutors and ordered on Thursday the house arrest for 30 days for Carmen Adamescu in the file in which she is charged with embezzlement.

The Prosecutor’s Office upon the Bucharest Court has announced on Thursday the launching of the criminal prosecution against Carmen Adamescu, who is accused of embezzlement.

“In fact, during October 2004 – July 2017, repeatedly and intentionally and based on the same criminal resolution, as chairman of the board of directors and general manager of the damaged entity ‘U. S. C’ S.A., defendant Adamescu Carmen, appropriated:

  1. a) in favour of 4 companies controlled by her, the total amount of RON 44,895,390.97, by concluding with these companies fictitious contracts, capable of creating the appearance of the lawful payment of this amount from the damaged person’s patrimony (management contracts business consultancy, service contracts, commercial intermediation contracts);
  2. b) for personal benefit, the amount of RON 3,049,547.67, either by direct cash withdrawal from the cashier or by making payments from the bank accounts of the damaged entity,” the release reads.

Carmen Adamescu, the former wife of late businessman Dan Adamescu, was taken into custody by the Economic Crimes Department on Wednesday after she had been heard for several hours in an embezzlement and tax evasion file, judicial sources told local media.

The policemen have conducted seven searches in Bucharest, at the places of several people suspected of creating a prejudice of RON 43 million to the state, through embezzlement and tax evasion.

One of the whistle-blowers of the illegal actions within Carmen Adamescu’s companies is her step son, Alexander Adamescu, the sources revealed.

At the same time, a similar complaint against Carmen Adamescu was filed by Unirea Shopping Center, and the two denunciations have been reunited in a single criminal file.

According to the Romanian Police’s press release, “people in top positions within the prejudiced company are suspected of illegally taking RON 3 million from the firm’s cash register as an advance payment which has never been returned”.

In his turn, Alexander Adamescu, the son of late billionaire Dan Adamescu, is to face the judges on October 30 in UK. He was captured in London in March 2018, remanded for the second time, as a British court found that he used fake documents during the extradition lawsuit. Initially, he had been arrested in the summer of 2016, charged with bribe giving, released on bail.

DNA prosecutors charged the son of businessman Adamescu, in 2016, of evading the investigation in which he is charged with bribe taking. DNA prosecutors claim that in spite of having tried with the support of the UK and with the support of the police in Monaco to get businessman Alexander Adamescu for hearings in the file started in his name since 2014, they have failed because he has evaded investigation.

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