Update: Code Yellow for storms until Tuesday morning. High winds and floods hit 11 counties. As of Wednesday, heat wave will intensify


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The National Meteorological Administration has issued on Monday Code Yellow warnings of atmospheric instability, valid for hilly and mountain areas, as well as in Transylvania, Moldova and Maramures.

The first meteorological warning came into force Monday at 13.00h and will expire at 20.00h, affecting the western, northern, central and north-eastern regions and the mountainous areas. Thus, on Monday, especially in hilly and mountainous areas, as well as in Transylvania, Moldavia and Maramures, temporary atmospheric instability will be accentuated and will be manifested by storms, torrential rains, frequent electric discharges and hail. Water quantities will exceed 20 litres/sq m locally and on isolate areas 40-50 litres/sq m. Such phenomena will be in the evening also in the southern regions, but in smaller areas.

At the same time, starting Monday at 20.00h, another Code Yellow alert code will enter into force, valid until Tuesday morning at 8.00h (see the map below). Meteorologists warn that in the south and east of Transylvania, most of Moldavia, the Oriental and Southern Carpathians, and in the northern half of Muntenia and Oltenia, the atmospheric instability will temporarily be accentuated and will be manifested as torrential rain, electric discharges, storms and hail.

Water quantities will exceed 20 litres/sq m and isolated 40 l/sqm.

As of Tuesday afternoon (August 8) locally in Oltenia, Muntenia and Dobrogea the thermal discomfort will be raised, the moisture temperature index will be around the critical threshold of 80 units. In southern Oltenia and southwest of Muntenia the maximum temperatures will generally be between 34 and 36 degrees Celsius, and the thermal discomfort will be high.

 11 counties hit by storms and floods

The fire-fighters have removed 36 trees fallen on the road or on cars, have removed water from one household, 18 courtyards and three basements, 52 roofs being affected by bad weather in recent days, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU) informs.

In the county of Sibiu, in the Poiana Neamţului area, the fire-fighters saved 12 people, eight adults and four children, who were stuck on an island formed in the middle of the Avrig River. They did not need medical care.

At the same time, the Suceava rescuers intervened in Şesuri and Panaci to remove the trees that fell on a forest road and blocked the access of 15 people in four cars.

Damages were also recorded in Mures County, namely in Târgu Mureş, Târnăveni, Sovata, Rostolita, Ernei and Batoş, where, due to the strong wind, the roof of a block, 39 roofs of houses were affected. Also, the Mures rescuers intervened for the release of four trees, one of which fell on the railway.

In Iaşi County, in the localities of Iaşi, Miroslava, Scânteia, Galata and Ciurea, the military intervened after 11 roofs of some buildings were damaged, 21 trees were put down, and three households were flooded.

In Bihor County, Leleşti, Inand and Şuncuiuş, the fire-fighters intervened to remove the water from 15 yards, but also to remove the trees and the poles of electricity that were swept by the wind.

The storms in the past hours affected 23 localities in 10 counties, namely Arad, Bihor, Covasna, Hunedoara, Iasi, Mehedinti, Mures, Sibiu, Satu Mare, Suceava, Vaslui.

The road traffic on national road DN 67 C, Transalpina, in the Urdele Pass area, is very difficult, due to heavy rains fallen Sunday evening, as stones and soil were swept on the road, the national roads company CNAIR informed on Monday.

CNAIR mentions that even at this time high amounts of rainfall are recorded.

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