Update-Colectiv fire: 30yo graphic designer dies in UK, death toll climbs to 63

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A new victim of the Colectiv fire, 30-year-old Cristian Mitroi died on Monday in a hospital in Great Britain, with the death toll climbing to 63.

Cristian Mitroi was graphic designer. After the fire, he was admitted to Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest with severe pipes and body burns, where he stayed for a week. He was transported to Great Britain on November 8.

Cristian was from Băilești, Dolj county, but he has been living in Bucharest for several years. He has been working as graphic designer and he was known as Gold Midas among his artist fellows. His designs, illustrations, photos, logos, websites and graphic interfaces are presented on GoldMidas.eu. He used to describe himself on his personal blog as passionate with digital graphic design, also having expert studies in economic informatics and online marketing.

Cargo rock band presented condolences for Cristian Mitroi’s death on its Facebook page, also posting some of his photos.

According to the Health Ministry statistics, on Monday morning there were 12 injured admitted to hospitals in Bucharest.

One of the patients admitted to “Grigore Alexandrescu” Hospital for children was discharged on Monday at noon, while the other two patients still hospitalized there could be discharged in the upcoming days.

68 injured in the deadly fire at the Colectiv club treated in Bucharest hospitals have been discharged.

21 injured are still hospitalized abroad. Four other patients admitted in hospitals abroad have been discharged and are under non-hospital treatment out there. Photographer Cătălin Ilnițchi, injured in the Colectiv fire and transferred to Tel Hashomer hospital in Israel arrived in Romania last night, according to sources close to his family.

Pay rises for health staff treating Colectiv fire victims, in force

At the same time on Tuesday, president Klaus Iohannis promulgated the draft law granting pay rises to the doctors and nurses who worked extra hours after the Colectiv tragedy. The Parliament passed the bill by 212 votes to 2 on December 15.

So, the entire staff that provided the patients with medical assistance, guidance and transportation will get a 100 percent pay rise added to their base rate.

The Madrigal National Chamber Choir performed a concert on Monday at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, offered by Klaus Iohannis in honour of the healthcare staff who treated the victims of the Colectiv club fire.

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