Update: DNA requests admission of criminal prosecution against former FinMin Sebastian Vladescu. Cristian Boureanu, Cristian Dascalu also investigated

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The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has sent on Wednesday, under the signature of chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, to the Prosecutor General’s Office upon the High Court for Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) the case report in view of notifying the President of Romania on the request to start the prosecution against Sebastian Vladescu, Finance Minister at the date of the deeds, for two crimes of bribe taking,

According to the DNA release, the deeds are related to the concluding and execution of contracts to rehabilitate the railway Bucharest-Constanta and the collection of the VAT due for other works on the railway. During 2004-2014, Romanian officials and influential persons allegedly received, from a foreign company, about EUR 20 million in order to achieve the contracts and the payment of invoices due for the rehabilitation of railway sections on the Bucharest-Constanta line, and the payment of due VAT. The illegally collected money was a share of the value of each payment made by the Romanian state, the source informs.

In the same file are also investigated former Deputy, Cristian Boureanu, charged with influence peddling, former Finance Ministry official, Mircea Ionut Costea and Mihaela Mititelu, at the date of the deeds a close person to the CN CFR management, and Cristian Dascalu, State Secretary with the Transport Ministry, for bribe taking.

DNA has set a bail of EUR 200,000 for Boureanu, EUR 1,500,000 for Costea, EUR 1 million for Mihaela Mititelu and EUR 500,000 for Constantin Dascalu.

The prosecutors say the crimes occurred in two stages during 2005-2014 and 2009-2014.

DNA searches at Sebastian Vladescu’s house

Anti-corruption prosecutors conducted searches on Tuesday at the house of former Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu, with judicial sources revealing the investigators probe into a case of a medical profile company.

The company would belong to Sorin Boureanu, the brother of former deputy Cristian Boureanu and that Sebastian Vladescu would be related to this company. More precisely, the former Liberal minister is suspected that he would have favoured the company owned by Cristian Boureanu’s brother.

Sebastian Vladescu was minister of Finance in Tariceanu Government, since August 2005 until April 2007, when he became State Secretary with the Economy and Finance Ministry. He was released from office upon his request six months later.

The former minister was State Secretary also in the Emil Boc Cabinet.

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