Update – dramatic weather forecast change: Code Yellow for snowfalls in the mountains, wind gusts countrywide

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Although in the morning forecast the weather during the weekend was expected to be warmer than this month’s average, meteorologists have issued Friday afternoon a weather warning. It is about a Code Yellow for winds and snowfalls in the mountains, warning to come into force as of 23.00h on Friday and will last until Sunday.

Strong winds are expected, up to 80-90 km/h. At altitudes of over 1,500 metres, mainly in the Eastern and Southern Carpathians, the wind will exceed 100-120 km/h, with temporary snowfall, blizzards and a new layer of snow.

In the other regions the wind will reach 45-55 km/h, with intensifications of 70 km/h on local areas.

In Bucharest:  During the night of Friday to Saturday the sky will be variable, moderate winds below 25-30 km/h are likely. Lows of 2-3 degrees Celsius, lower temperatures in the suburbs, of zero degrees C.

On Saturday, until Sunday, cloudy skies are expected, with stronger winds mainly during the afternoon and in the evening up to 45-55 km/h, possibly up to 60 km/h.

The temperature will reach 14-15C in the afternoon then it will fall sharply to about 5 degrees C.

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