Update: Driver of the car with anti-PSD plates to file criminal complaint against the Police for taking his son to hearings

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Răzvan Ștefănescu, the driver from Sweden with anti-PSD plates, said on Tuesday, while at the Traffic Police offices, that he will file a criminal complaint because his son had to attend the hearings, which lasted several hours.

“I asked about the minor’s rights, why did he have to stay in the same room with me. Nobody announced me a criminal file has been opened against me. Now it is confirmed. (…) The policewoman asked me if I want to take my child someplace, I said I don’t have where to take him to and, in order to leave him with someone I trust, I requested to grant me an hour or two. She took both of us. (…) I explained to my boy nothing bad is happening, everything is OK. He kept asking me why I was taken there. He knows about the plates. (…) We are going to file a criminal complaint, it does not seem fair to me. They could have let me off for an hour or two in order to take the child somewhere. They told me I have to go to the Police,” Stefanescu said.

He added that the plates and driving license were taken over by Police because the plates were inactive.”That’s what they told me, this is the reason for suspending the driving license. I asked the policemen, during the previous stops, if I need to change the plates, they said it would be an offense. I just want to recover my driving license, they can keep the plates. I’ve done nothing illegal,” the man said.

Quaestor Ioan Buda, the new chief of Romanian Police, could not bring more light to the case on Tuesday, avoiding clear answers.

“The 8-year old child – the driver was asked where he wants to take the child to, maybe to let him at home. He did not want to, he wanted to take him along. There’s a minute in this regard. All my colleagues brought him a juice, a banana, during his stay,” Ioan Buda said.

EUROPOL trade unionist: The driver of the car registered in Sweden has committed no offense against Romanian legislation

The man driving the car registered in Sweden with personalized plates, containing offenses against PSD, has committed no offense against the Romanian legislation, given that there is no clear provision banning the use of such plates, EUROPOL trade union leader, Cosmin Andreica, said on Tuesday.

“In the absence of clear provisions banning the use of such plates, the citizen has committed no offense against the Romanian legislation. We do not want the Romanian Police to be used as political tool, only because some people dislike the line of letters on some plates,” Andreica said for Digi 24 TV private broadcaster.

Eva Isaksen, spokesperson for the Transport Agency in Sweden has stated on Tuesday, exclusively for Realitatea TV private broadcaster, that the registration plates with an anti-PSD message will be revoked on Wednesday by the Swedish authorities.

Răzvan Ştefănescu, the owner of the car  registered in Sweden with preferential plates M…PSD (blow… to PSD), having his driving license on Monday and the license plates confiscated by the Romanian Police, went on Tuesday to the Traffic Police accompanied by his lawyer. Stefanescu claims the rights of his 8-year old child have been violated.

Sunday evening, the Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest denied the information in the Romanian press, according to which the personalized registration plates in Sweden would not be allowed outside the borders of the northern state.

On Monday, the embassy added a message on the Facebook post, reading that “the receiving countries decide what kind of vehicles that are allowed to travel in their countries. Swedish authorities can not influence what vehicles receiving countries allow on their roads.”

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