Update: False alarm of missile attack on the Sheraton Hotel and on the American School in Bucharest, people evacuated. Man taken into custody

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A missile threat on the American School in Bucharest and near the Romana Square area was received by phone Friday afternoon. The people in the building, as well as the Sheraton Hotel have been evacuated. Hours later, the authorities announced it was a false alarm.

A call to emergency number 112 from a prepaid card announced a “missile attack” on the Sheraton Hotel and on the American School. The buildings are located in the Romana Square area, downtown Bucharest, digi24.ro informs.

The caller phoned at the hotel reception and revealed the threat, and the employees announced the authorities. He was identified Friday evening and taken in custody by Police 3 hours later. Such deeds are punished by fines of up to RON 1,000 and, if considered terrorist threat it could be punished with imprisonment of up to 12 years.

Crews of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and the Police arrived at the site and started an investigation. Allegedly the man who made the threat claimed he is a ‘Vlad Tepes Foundation’ member.

The people in both buildings have been evacuated. There were a few dozen people in the hotel, but the number of those in the school is unknown.

Photo: Digi 24 TV private broadcaster



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