Update: Freezing cold alert extended countrywide until Friday. Half of Romania, seized by snowfalls, blizzard

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The National Meteorology Administration has just announced that the code orange for freezing cold has been extended countrywide until Friday, March 2.

Maximum temperatures will range from minus 12C to minus 6C, while the lowest ones will range from minus 22C to minus 12C. Locally, there will be minus 25C.

Starting the night of Thursday to Friday through Sunday, snowfalls will prevail in most of the regions, particularly in the southwest and south. Mixed falls will follow, enabling glazed frost.

Temperatures will climb down below minus 10C in Moldavia, Maramures, Transylvania, Muntenia and Dobruja on the night of Friday to Saturday.

Seven counties are curently under code orange alert for snowstorm as of Wednesday morning, while 27 counties and Bucharest are under code orange alert for freezing cold until Thursday.

Giurgiu, Călăraşi, Ialomiţa, Buzău, Brăila, Constanţa and Tulcea counties are under code orange warning for strong wind, blizzard, snowstorm and low visibility.

The wind will blow with 55-65kmph and locally around 70kmph, and the snow will be dashed and the visibility will go down below 50 metres.

The code orange is in force until 8 p.m.

At the same time, Muntenia, Dobruja and southern half of Muntenia and Moldavia are under code yellow for snowfalls and blizzard on Wednesday until 23:00hr.

On the other hand, Bucharest and other 27 counties from Moldavia, eastern Transylvania, Oltenia, Muntenia and Dobruja are under orange code alert for freezing cold until Thursday, at 10 a.m.

Frost will be present during the day, with maximum temperatures ranging from minus 12C to minus 8C, while the temperatures at nights will range from minus 22C to minus 12C.

The other half of the country is under code yellow for cold, with temperatures that are low by 10, 15 degrees than the normal ones for this time of the year.

100 trains cancelled, road and highway traffic stopped, tramway derailed in Bucharest

100 trains in the counties under the code orange alert for blizzard have been cancelled on Wednesday due to heavy snowfalls and snowstorms. The snow is snow-swept and the wind gusts are reaching 60kmph.

At the same time, the traffic on two highways, sections of 14 national roads and 47 county roads was halted due to the bad weather on Wednesday morning.

The rescue teams have intervened to help 450 people who had got stuck in the snow on some roads, and to transport 51 people to the hospital.

In Bucharest, the tramway 46 on the route 1 Decembrie boulevard-Liviu Rebreanu Blvd has derailed on Wednesday morning. Other tramway railways have encountered problems as well.

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