Update: Gendarmerie chiefs, prosecuted for the violence during the Diaspora rally. Evacuation order illegally issued, investigators say


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Gendarmerie chiefs and those who coordinated the intervention on August 10 of the Diaspora protest will be prosecuted. They are summoned on Friday to the General Prosecutor’s Office for the presentation of the accusations brought to them in this file.

Several representatives of the Romanian Gendarmerie, including Cătălin Sindile and Sebastian Cucos, and a state secretary with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, were subpoenaed on Friday at the General Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) to be informed they are suspects in the violence file for August 10 protest in Victoriei Square. The charges are of abuse of office and complicity to abuse of office.

Chief Police Commissioner Mihai Dan Chirică, State Secretary for Relations with the Prefects with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has also been summoned.

The Prosecutor’s Office announced later on that Sindile, is criminally prosecuted for complicity to abuse of office and complicity to abusive conduct, while major Laurentiu Cazan, director general of the General Directorate of Gendarmes Bucharest, is criminally prosecuted for abuse of office, abusive conduct and forgery.

Prosecutors argued that the evacuation order of the Victoriei Square has been given by breaking the law, namely it has been illegally issued, as the hour 23:11 is unrealistic and that Bucharest Prefect had been pressed to give that order,

Military prosecutors have opened a criminal file on how the gendarmes intervened during the August 10 protests.

The Prosecutor General’s Office announced early this month that 770 criminal complaints have been filed to the Military Prosecutor’s Office by persons who were affected by the intervention of gendarmes.

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