Update: Hundreds BNS trade unionists protest in Victoriei Square against fiscal changes


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Several hundreds BNS trade unionists have protested on Tuesday, in front of the Government offices in Victoriei Square, against the fiscal measures promoted by the executive.

The protesters have held a moment of silence to honour the late King Michael I, then they sang the national anthem, cotidianul.ro informs.

“We are here against the amendments to the Tax Code. We want the social security contributions to stay with the employer. We are not interested in political demands, only in the fiscal ones,” a Romaero employee said.

“Over short term, if the governance does not react, we’ll go further. Over long term, we have to express our will and get the things straightened,” another protester said.

The protesters wore banners reading: ‘Liviu Dragnea, a rascal stealing from our wallet’, ‘I won’t go to sleep, the country is trampled’, ‘Dragnea, don’t forget, we’re waiting for your book’, ‘We don’t want to lie, we want to work.’

BNS leader Dumitru Costin has said the number of protesters has been cut down, out of respect for the king’s demise. “Nevertheless, we shall resume the protests against the amendments to the Tax Code next year,” Costin added.

Automobile Dacia has announced it is not associated in any way to the protest on Tuesday.

More than 1,000 Automobile Dacia trade unionists had announced their participation to the protest on Tuesday.

The Government approved last week the draft state budget law and the debates in parliamentary committees have started on Tuesday. The works are expected to be completed next Saturday.

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