Update: Ioana Basescu, daughter of former President Traian Basescu, under judicial control for instigation to abuse of office, money laundering

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Ioana Basescu, the elder daughter of former President Traian Basescu,was placed under judicial control for 60 days for instigation to abuse of office and two crimes of instigation to money laundering.

She was heard for four hours Thursday morning by the National Anticorruption Prosecutors (DNA) prosecutors, allegedly in a corruption file. When arriving at the DNA offices, she was accompanied by a lawyer.

The anti-corruption prosecutors claim that, in December 2009, Ioana Basescu asked Silviu Ioan Wagner, the general manager of a state-owned company, to pay an invoice about which she said it represented residual expenses for the presidential elections, held in the autumn of that year.

“Based on that request, on December 30, 2009, the company represented by defendant Wagner Silviu Ioan clenched a fictitious contract with another company, worth RON 419,000, the price that had been said by Ioana Basescu, who has also brokered the transaction. Based on this contract, RON 119,000 was paid on February 16, 2010 while the difference of RON 300,000 has never been paid by Wagner, who argued that he hadn’t received any justificative document for the previous sum of money paid in advance,” says the DNA press release. Moreover, the prosecutors say that the company represented by Wagner didn’t really need any advertising services and that the other company had no significance experience in advertising.

Ioana Basescu is public notary.

Former Regional Development and Tourism Minister, former presidential adviser and currently MP Elena Udrea has also arrived at the DNA on Thursday in order to be heard. Asked by journalists in what file she is to be heard, Udrea replied: “What does it mateer, as long as you will wait for me?”

Former journalist Dan Andronic, involved in several files under investigation by DNA, has also arrived for hearings, the media informs.

Traian Basescu, at war against DNA chief

Former President Traian Basescu launched on Wednesday evening accusations against the DNA chief Laura Codruta Kovesi, accusing her of forming a group of prosecutors who will handle the arrest of one of his daughters.

“I found out from DNA that there is a small group of prosecutors who swear that it will make me ask for custody of a child, one of the grandchildren, meaning they will arrest the parents. There are a few prosecutors close to Mrs. Kovesi whom she protected and named them as advisers after they solved some cases. I will not mention the names, but I tell you the truth, and the day will come when I will make public the names,” Traian Basescu said for Romania TV.

The Prosecutor General’s Office informed in March 2015 that the former president’s daughter, Ioana Basescu is witness in the so-called ‘Nana file’, in which the prosecutors investigate the trade of land in Calarasi County, and that she was heard on October 2, 2014.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, in the file are investigated 11 suspects of committing crimes of establishing an organized criminal group, forgery of official documents, forgery, false documents under private signature, conflict of interest, abuse of office and money laundering.

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