Update: Leaked documents from TelDrum company found on a field in Teleorman, media reports. PSD leader Liviu Dragnea summons emergency meeting


A bag with documents belonging to TelDrum company (reportedly controlled by PSD Chair Liviu Dragnea and currently under criminal prosecution) would have been found by a villagers on a field in Teleorman county. The documents point to major information from inside the firm, information that the anti-corruption had not found when they searched the office last year in the file that also targets Liviu Dragnea. The case is related to corruption charges at the time when Dragnea was the chairman of the Teleorman County Council.

The man that would have found the bag with the documents contacted the journalists of Rise Project, a website know for its journalistic investigations. The documents reveal information that were in the computer of a key-person in the TelDrum management,

The information has been saved on a hard disk that has been found in a the lost bag. The hard disk would contain contracts, balance sheets, various accounting charts and documents that would disclose that shell companies had been set up by the company.

The journalists from Rise Project say there are almost 15,000 photos and video footage. Some of them have been already published. One of the footage features a man surrounded by 20 wild boars during a hunting party. Other photos show several men, accompanied by their partners, potentially while they were on holiday. A footage shows that two of the filmed men were posing as beggars and the other friends were throwing them money, Euro banknotes.

The bag discovered on the field would also contain a tablet that would have belonged to TelDrum general manager, Petre Pitis. A notebook with 980 phone numbers has been also found, as well as a list of over 54,000 e-mails. The name of Liviu Dragnea appears as spelled in capital letters.

The documents also include the layouts of some large properties in Alexandria, a city in Teleorman county, as well as personal family documents, such as the baccalaureate diploma of Valentin Dragnea, Liviu Dragnea’s son.

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea holds emergency meeting with close allies, Executive Committee on Monday

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea was to meet social-democrat close allies at the Parliament Palace on Sunday in an emergency meeting on the issue on the documents to be released by Rise Project, Digi 24 TV private broadcaster has informed.

The emergency meeting takes place hours before the announced PSD Executive Committee on Monday as of 12.00h, at the Parliament Palace. The sitting on Monday is expected to discuss the sanctioning of deputy chairman Adrian Tutuianu, after the release of recordings with him offending some of his social-democrat colleagues.

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