Update: Navy Day – 12,000 attend festivities in Constanța

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The Navy Day festivities are attended by thousands of people, as it has begun in Constanța, where a demonstration of the naval forces will take place, with 3,000 soldiers, two British Typhoons and a US search plane, hotnews.ro informs.

The ceremony is attended by President Klaus Iohannis, by Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu, military officials, central and local authorities.

On the seafront near the Fleet Command in Constanța organizers said that over 13,000 people have attended the Navy Day events.

President Klaus Iohannis arrived at 10.55h, being greeted by the Minister of National Defence, Adrian Tutuianu.

The festivities began with the National Anthem, while the largest flag on the Black Sea was erected on the seafront. The moment is followed by the solemn salute of 21.

President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that Romania is active in the role of strong state and relevant regional player. The head of state said that “we are a pillar of stability and security provider in the region.”

“The ceremony today takes place symbolically in an area of ​​strategic importance from a military, political, economic, cultural and social point of view – the Black Sea area. We have the duty to turn the full potential of this region into real advantages for Romania. In the Black Sea area, we are facing increasingly complex and volatile security challenges as well as a high degree of uncertainty. That is why the NATO decisions are meant to help strengthen collective defence measures and deterrence, including in the Black Sea region, through the participation of riparian states. In the current context, Romania is active in the role of strong state and relevant regional player. We struggle that the Black Sea and its strategic importance are recognized at the level NATO and the European Union,” President Klaus Iohannis said.

Navy Day is celebrated on Tuesday also in the localities of Mangalia, Brăila, Galați, Tulcea, Giurgiu, Călărași, Orșova, and in Herăstrău Park in Bucharest.

Defence Minister sends sincere congratulations to military and civilian sailors

Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu congratulated sailors on Tuesday, on the occasion of the Romanian Navy Day, for their devotion and professionalism.

“Today’s celebration is yours, all those who serve with integrity, honor and devotion the traditions and creed of military and civil navy. A thought of profound gratitude is directed today to those who have put their lives at risk, faithfully fulfilling missions and defending our country. On behalf of the Romanian Army and myself, I address the most sincere and warm congratulations to military and civilian sailors, port workers and shipbuilders. Through your courage, devotion and professionalism you honour Romania. Moreover, I congratulate the servicemen of the Naval Forces and the Coast Guard for the professionalism they prove every day, as well as within international missions and exercises conducted together with NATO allies and partners. May the Holy Virgin Mary accompany, protect and guard you in the missions that Romania entrusts you. Many happy returns!” Adrian Tutuianu said.

photos: presidency.roiohannis navy day

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