Update: Preliminary tests reveal fashion designer Razvan Ciobanu had taken drugs before the car accident. Lawyer, friends say he was depressed lately

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According to the President of the Federation of National Union of Policemen and Contractual Staff in Romania, Dumitru Coarnă, the preliminary tests made by on fashion designer Răzvan Ciobanu show that he had taken drugs. The union leader said on Tuesday these tests are inconclusive and must be confirmed by the toxicological analyzes which will be ready in about three weeks. Coarna said that Ciobanu died because of multiple internal traumas, including a strong cranial hemorrhage. In fact, the blow to the head confirms that Răzvan Ciobanu did not wear the seat belt when the accident occurred, adevarul.ro informs.

Fashion designer Razvan Ciobanu died in a car accident, which occurred on Monday morning in Constanta County. The accident took place at the exit from Sacele to Navodari, on National Road DN 22B.

The union leader said that Ciobanu died because of strong traumas, and not for medical reasons (infarction, stroke, etc., as it was said in the public space). Around 15:00h, Răzvan Ciobanu’s inanimate body was put on a hearse to be taken to Bucharest. The fashion creator will be buried on Thursday at the Progresul Cemetery in Bucharest, as Laura Vicol, a friend of the fashion designer, announced.

The parents of fashion designer Razvan Ciobanu had arrived at the Constanta Forensic Institute Tuesday morning, waiting for the results of the necropsy.

The investigators pay attention to all hypotheses and consider that the accident was caused by medical problems or may be an intentional deed. They do not exclude an overdose or even murder, antena3.ro reported.

Ciobanu’s lawyer says the designer was sad and depressed lately, wishing to clear his image. Oana Anghel has told cancan.ro he looked overwhelmed by problems, he was anxious due to controversies, including the file on cocaine for VIPs in which he had been heard in 2018.

One of his close friends has told Antena Stars TV private broadcaster that Razvan Ciobanu looked depressed lately. He went to a psychologist, then he became more reserved and silent, not at all eager to communicate.

“Every day he had a problem. The biggest one was related to his former lover. I know he went to a psychologist, but I don’t know details. He did not want to speak to anyone, lately. He felt alone. Some time ago I met him about the cat, he was sad. Now the cat is at my place, his mother decided I should keep it,” Sorin Oprea said.

Fashion designer Razvan Ciobanu died in a car accident on Monday.

“It was a serious road accident, when leaving Sacele to Navodari, on DN 22B. It happened due to high speed. A 43-year old man drove a motor vehicle, he left the road and hit some trees and reed. The driver was found dead,” the spokesman for Police Inspectorate Constanta said for Realitatea TV private broadcaster.

The man was fashion designer Razvan Ciobanu.

The fashion designer had his first fashion show when he was 19. He participated to lots of international fashion shows, with cooperation with Irina Schrotter and well-known brands. He was also juror of a fashion show.

At the beginning of his career he had weight problems, went on a diet and lost weight – some 130 kilograms, down to 83 kilograms, digi24.ro informs.

He had publicly admitted he was homosexual, but he never talked about this issue, saying it is personal.

In 2018, Razvan Ciobanu was heard by the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) Ploiesti in a file aiming several persons for trading high risk drugs.

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