Update: Roads, Sun highway – closed due to glazed frost. Rail and air traffic – face problems, warning of bad weather extended

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Several national roads and parts of Sun highway (Bucharest-Constanta) were closed Friday morning due to glazed frost. The National Roads Company (CNAIR) has advised the drivers to drive cautiously because the slippery risk is much increased. In the capital city, a tram derailed, blocking the traffic of line 41. Rail traffic and landing of aircraft at Henri Coanda International Airport are hampered by adverse weather conditions.

Traffic on national road 1 – DN1 (E60) has been resumed in both directions. Due to an incident, the traffic had been interrupted, respectively, at km 520+300 meters, between Şaula and Izvorul Crişului localities.

In Ilfov County, road traffic on national road DN6 has been resumed in normal conditions. Due to glazed frost, the traffic on Sun highway (motorway 2 between Bucharest and Constanta) is closed from kilometer 10+500 up to kilometer 106+800 Drajna Noua.

In the past 24 hours no less than 11 accidents occurred in Bucharest, with 2 people seriously injured and 11 people slightly injured, the Bucharest Traffic Police informs.

Bucharest is under Code Yellow warning for rainfall and sleet until Friday at 14.00h. Police say winter tires are compulsory when roads are covered by snow, ice or glazed frost.

Six flights that should have landed on Henri Coanda Airport (Otopeni) last night have been cancelled due to weather conditions, the National Airports Company inform.

Takeoffs are delayed by 40 to 50 minutes due to defrosting operations.

Railway traffic is conducted in winter conditions. Traffic is closed between Strambuta and Pietrele Albe, as trees and stones have fallen on the tracks. Inter Regio train IR 1821 was to return to Filiasi station to continue its journey through Drobeta Turnu Severin- Timisoara- Arad.

Dozens of people suffer fractures and luxation

In Bucharest the medical emergencies faced dozens of people with luxation and fractures after falling due to the black ice on the streets and sidewalks. Bucharest Ambulance was called to almost 100 emergencies in the past 24 hours. Ambulance spokeswoman Alis Grasu said on Friday orthopedic emergencies accounted to 71 cases in the past 24 hours, with fractures, luxation, sprained ankles due to falls.

ANM extends Code Yellow for bad weather

The National meteorology Administration (ANM) has extended on Friday the Code Yellow warning of rainfall, glazed frost and snowfalls in the mountainous areas until Saturday at 14.00h and to more counties.

Targeted are Banat Mountains, Southern Carpathians and Curvature Carpathians with snowfalls and blizzards. In southern and south-eastern regions temporary precipitations will fall, mainly rain, accompanied by winds of up to 60km/h.

In Bucharest, wind, temperatures of 0 to 1 degree Celsius are expected, accompanied by glazed frost, until Sunday morning. Rain will fall as of Friday evening, wind gusts of up to 55 km/h. As of Saturday evening to Sunday morning rain will fall and fog is expected. Glazed frost remains the main problem.

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