Update: Self-proclaimed Roma King Cioaba released under judicial control in tax evasion file

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The self-proclaimed Roma King Dorin Cioaba has been released under judicial control on Thursday, following the hearings at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Mehedinti Court.

“All six individuals heard on Thursday have been released under judicial control. Another person is under judicial control since Wednesday evening,” spokesman for the mentioned Prosecutor’s Office, Fanica Cercel, said, antena3.ro informs.

Dorin Cioaba was remanded Wednesday evening, following the hearings by Mehedinti County Police, in a file of tax evasion with damages amounting to EUR 5 million.

Daniel Cioaba, his brother, said the police have taken Cioaba under remand instead of his wife, who has been released from custody. He added that King Cioba felt sick during the hearings. “He felt sick during the hearings and the ambulance was not allowed to enter the precinct. They wouldn’t let him have the insulin treatment in the morning, he has diabetes. He could go into coma,” Daniel Cioaba said.

Almost 30 searches have been carried out Wednesday morning, in eight counties and in Bucharest, in a file of tax evasion with damages amounting to EUR 5 million, aiming also at the self-proclaimed Roma King Cioaba (photo).

In Mehedinti County 28 searches were conducted at people suspect of economic crimes, searches were also conducted in Timis, Arges, Cluj, Sibiu, Hunedoara, Dolj, Gorj and Bucharest aiming at tax evasion and money laundering.

According to investigators, during 2009-2014 representatives of several companies have set up a criminal tax evasion network on a fraudulent financial-banking system for eluding tax payment. The people targeted have allegedly recorded in the accounting books tax invoices for fictitious trade operations amounting to over EUR 18.4 million for which they have illegally deducted the VAT and have cut illegally the tax on profit.

The damages to the state budget amount to EUR 5 million.

Consequently, the companies have taken steps for money laundering operations.

32 people have been taken to the Police Inspectorate Mehedinti for hearings.

Judicial sources claim the searches have also targeted Roma King Cioaba.

The self-proclaimed Roma King, Dorin Cioaba, said the searches also target a company where his wife had worked. His wife, Sighisoara Cioaba, has left the house accompanied by police and was to be taken in for hearings. She was later on released.

“It is a company where my wife used to work, in Strehaia, I’ve bought some goods from it, Police are checking them and have come to us too. I am not involved, only my wife. She is charged with cooperating with those people. I will act as lawyer to defend my wife. I have no problems whatsoever,” Dorin Cioaba said earlier on Wednesday.

He claims the Police haven’t seized anything in his house, as the company is bankrupt for ten years.

Cioaba said his wife had bought from the company in Strehaia lead and lead waste, however the Police claims the sales are fictitious. “In this case it is about invoices amounting to RON 20,000,” Cioaba said.


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