Update: Snowfalls to come back in south, southeast, including Bucharest

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Snowfalls will return in southern, southeastern, including Bucharest, and in the mountains as of Monday night to Tuesday, to also persist on Wednesday, said meteorologist Romica Jurca told Agerpres.

According to her, there will be frost countrywide on Sunday. Temperatures of minus 19 Celsius degrees up to minus 20 Celsius degrees in eastern Transylvania. As of Monday night to Tuesday it will lower in most of the regions, while in the southern part of the country it will snow and the wind will get stronger. The snowfalls will prevail also on Wednesday. The snowfalls will be accompanied by strong wind that will reach high speeds particularly in Dobrogea, and the half eastern Muntenia and Baragan Plain, as well as in southern Banat, dashing the snow. The snowfalls will seize areas in Oltenia, Muntenia, Dobrogea. The meteorologist says the snow pack will be consistent, but there is no precise information about the quantity of the falls or if any warnings will be issued.

Temperatures will be negative during the snowfalls, climbing down up to minus 23 Celsius degrees in eastern Transylvania by the end of the week.

The temperatures will range from minus 5 to zero Celsius degrees at the most on Tuesday and from minus 7 to minus 2 centigrade on Wednesday.

At least 10 million cubic metres of snow have laid down in Bucharest during the previous snowfalls, TVR reports. Mountains of snow still prick up in the Capital’s districts, with 15,000 tons of snow being picked up so far.


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