Update: SRI Officer kills 35 year-old woman in car accident under influence, resigns in view of investigation

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An officer with the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) is investigated following a road accident Monday afternoon resulting in a victim, a woman in Tâncăbeşti, Ilfov County.

The victim was hit while crossing the street. The expertise will determine whether or not the 35-year-old woman was on the pedestrian crossing.

The driver had a concentration of 0.43 ml of pure alcohol in the expired air, antena3.ro informs.

The research continues under the coordination of the prosecutor with the Military Prosecutor’s Office to determine all the circumstances in which the deed was committed. A criminal file has been opened in terms of killing and driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

According to ‘Libertatea’ newspaper, the officer is the chief of SRI Prahova.

Ilfov County Police Spokesman, Ciprian Romanescu, said that “the victim was crossing the road, was hit by a car coming from Ploiesti and heading for Bucharest. It is to find out if the victim was on the pedestrian crossing, following an expertise.”

According to SRI representatives, later in the day, the officer has resigned, being available for the internal investigation of the Military Prosecutor’s Office.

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