Update: Street protest against the Senate’s vote protecting Oprea from prosecution

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Several people initiated on Facebook a protest movement against the senators’ decision protecting former Interior minister Gabriel Oprea from prosecution. The page is entitled “Oprea, you are investigated, you must be judged”. Several hundreds people announced they’ll take to the street in front of the Senate, on Thursday at 6 p.m.

“We take to the street for those who are not among us anymore and who cannot ask for justice for themselves. Police officer Bogdan Gigina died in mission while he was leading the motorcade for the Interior minister, his boss. A policeman died, but the one identified by prosecutors as guilty for culpable homicide will not be sent to the court because of the members of the Romanian Senate, who think they are above the law. Brothers, you are not. You are not invincible or gods. That’s why we take to the street right at your home on Thursday, senators. We, simple outraged citizens, we are coming at the Senate’s entrance of the Romania’s Parliament to commemorate Bogdan Gigina and to ask for justice. Maybe this way you’ll remember that there is no magical difference between you and us, the law is the same for all and justice must be let to do its job,” reads the Facebook appeal.

The protest is scheduled on Thursday evening, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Also yesterday, the mother of the dead police officer posted on Facebook a retort to the senators’ vote, recounting her tragic, bitter memory of the incident night when her son lost his life. She said that her “family is helplessly assisting to the injustice done to Bogdan Gigina’s soul.”

 Kovesi: A political vote blocking the judiciary

The chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi, stated at CSM headquarters on Wednesday that the senators’ vote in ex-minister Oprea case was a political one that “is blocking the judiciary”, adding that “a mother will have nothing for it but waiting”.

“It’s a political vote blocking the judiciary. The DNA cannot establish the criminal charge against Gabriel Oprea for culpable homicide,” Kovesi said.

The DNA head added that it’s not the first case where the anti-corruption prosecutors cannot continue investigations following the Parliament’s vote.

“There have been similar precedents, I remind you the file related to the former FM Titus Corlatean. We started an investigation and again the political vote blocked that investigation,” Kovesi pointed out.

President Iohannis, Justice minister, UK, US ambassadors in Bucharest react

The Justice minister Raluca Pruna said referring to the vote that Romania’s problem is that the law is discriminatingly enforced.

In his turn, stressing that he doesn’t comment on individual case, US Ambassador Hans Klemm said that all people are equal in front of the law, while the British ambassador Paul Brummell also stated that democracy must be equal for all.

Previously on Monday, right after the vote, President Klaus Iohannis said he is “deeply disappointed” by the senators’ vote vetoing the DNA’s request for Oprea’s prosecution. The President added that the Senators haven’t understood that guilt or innocence is not settled in Parliament, but in court.

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