Update: The child molester who was a police agent, author of another sexual aggression on a little girl in 2012. The Romanian Police head, the suspect’s chief, sacked

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Eugen Stan, the policeman working at the Bucharest Traffic Brigade, detained for aggressing two children in an elevator in Bucharest, has admitted the deed, but also a previous aggression committed in 2012 over little girl, his lawyer announced at the Bucharest Police station on Monday night.

He has eventually admitted the deeds. There are two deeds he has admitted, one from 2012 and the one on January 5, 2018. He is on custody for 24 hours,” the agent’s lawyer stated.

Initially, he didn’t want to collaborate. At first, he has partially admitted charges, and after that, in the end he admitted. He regrets. He said he has had some problems and that is all,” lawyer Constantin Dumitra added.

Judicial sources told local news agencies that the investigators have found during searches the clothes the man was wearing last Friday when he aggressed the two children in the elevator.

Stan would have sexually abused a little girl also in the district 6 of the Capital in 2012.

The 7-year-old at that time, the girl was followed by the man while she was returning home from school and was sexually aggressed. At that moment, photos with the aggressor caught by the video cameras were available, but the aggressor was not identified.

The DNA tests have confirmed now that the author of the aggression in 2012 was Eugen Stan.

The man was detained for 24 hours on Monday night and a preventive arrest warrant for 30 days on his name is pending. Stan will also undergo a psychiatric test. Police officers are checking other suspicions of similar deeds allegedly committed by Stan, more precisely he is suspect in committing no less than other 15 aggressions.

The Romanian Police head, the chief of the police agent accused of pedophilia, sacked. More chiefs and the unit’s psychologist, investigated

The Romanian Police has taken the first actions in the case of the police agent accused of pedophilia, sacking the chief of the suspect, Emanuel Vornicu and investigating other Traffic Brigade’s chiefs and the psychologist.

Vornicu was chief of the Traffic Surveillance Service districts 1,2 and 6 within the Traffic Brigade. The suspect, Eugen Stan, was hired as Vornicu’s chauffeur.

However, it seems that it was not enough for the Interior Minister, Carmen Dan, who asked in a press conference later in the day that head of the Romanian Police, Bogdan Despescu should be sacked, as she is “discontent” with the Police’s reaction and attitude in this case. Dan has also asked more police chiefs, including the head of the Murders Service, Radu Gavris (editor note: who has recently slammed the justice law amendments that were to ban the video tapes used as evidence in a criminal file) “to take a step back”. The chief of the General Anti-corruption Direction, Catalin Ionita, will replace Bogdan Despescu for the next six months.

Carmen Dan accused the Police’s “superficial approach” in this case, also denouncing that the psychological tests used to rate the policemen have no licenses.

Yet, the prime minister is the one who has the power to sack the head of the Police, and Tudose hasn’t yet taken any decision in this respect, stating he wants to have a meeting with Bogdan Despescu first.

First statement of the Interior minister

Interior minister Carmen Dan has made the first statement on this case on Tuesday morning, after on Monday she had released a statement through her spokeswoman. Carmen Dan said that no police chief had taken any step back as she had requested on Monday.

I will meet the experts within the Center of psychological testing. I only know what you also known so far, from the information provided by the Police. I haven’t seen anyone taking a step back. They probably considered there isn’t their responsibility. I talked to the premier last night, I informed him on this case, about the measures,” said the Interior minister, also announcing a press conference to be held today.

After USR, PNL also asks for the Interior minister’s resignation

The vice-president of the Defence committee in the Chamber of Deputies, Liberal Ovidiu Raeţchi has stated on Tuesday that Interior Minister Carmen Dan must resign, arguing the “Police needed 48 hours to recognize a pedophile colleague on TV” and that DGPI, the Interior Ministry’s intelligence service “has been quiet as a mouse”.

“After the Police needed 48 hours to recognize a pedophile colleague on TV, after the General Direction of Internal Protection (DGPI) has been quiet as a mouse, although the Social Democrat Party (PSD) had heroically fought to reorganize it…by removing Romania’s President from the procedures of appointing the institution’s leaders, (…) well, Mrs. Carmen Dan not only that she doesn’t quit, but she also ask her subordinates- whom she appoints and maintains in their positions!- to choose the punishment on their own. Like in an education technique for the children aged 6 to 8,” Raeţchi stated.

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  1. Transylvanian Werewolf says

    1. “He said he has had some problems and that is all,” – well that makes it all right then.

    2. As for Carmen Dan, she needs to be fired, did not another outstanding Romanian citizen on a National watch list manage to flee the country to Madagasger, this too comes under her department, she is clearly not fit to hold the job she was given.

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