Update: The man suspected of sexually aggressing two children in Bucharest, caught, aressted for 24 hours. He is a traffic police agent

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The man suspected of aggressing two children in an elevator in a block of flats in Drumul Tabarei district in Bucharest has been caught. The Bucharest Police has officially announced that the man is ….a police agent, working at the Traffic Brigade. He is currently being heard. The 45-year-old man would have been recognized by his colleagues after seeing his face in the images caught on the video cameras.

The aggressor was arrested for 24 hours on Monday afternoon.

According to Digi24, the man has been heard all  Sunday night to Monday and he would have admitted charges. He would also be the author of some child molesting deeds in 2015. On the other hand, other souces revealed that the policeman had indeed admitted he had kissed the children, but said he had done nothing wrong. “I did nothing wrong. I just kissed and caressed them, for I love children,” he would have told the prosecutor.

Official sources quoted by the local media revealed that the man named Eugen Stan has been working at the Traffic Brigade since 2010, and he was previously a gendarme. He has 22-year-old daughter.

He has been activating within the Police since 2010, he was previously a gendarme, He is divorced and has a 22-year-old daughter,” said Florin Vîlnei, President of the Sed Lex Policemen Trade Union.

He is police officer at the Traffic Brigade. It’s shocking that you are working so hard and there are two or three people like this one. His colleagues have confirmed the situation. It took them so long to catch him probably because the picture was not conclusive. These people must disappear form the system,” said in his turn Dumitru Coarna, the leader of the National Policemen Trade Union.

The mother of the children said they are undergoing therapy and that the nine-year-old boy is the most affected by the incident, as he is older and was aware what had happened. “The boy is traumatized, he alwyas tell us to lock him in the house, to be sure that we have locked the door twice,” she stated. The woman also said that the forensic examination showed there was no actual sexual contact on the girl.

The man is accused of sexually aggressing two children, a 5yo girl and his 9yo brother in the elevator of a block of flats in Drumul Taberei district in the Capital, on Friday morning.

While their mother was admitted in the hospital with her third child, the boy and the girl left to a family acquaitance, two streets away from their house.

When their arrived at that block of flats, the children got in the elevator at the same time with a man. Later on, the video cameras in the elevator revealed the man while groping and kissing the children.

The children were scared and told about the incident to their parents after arriving back home, while their parents alerted the police.

Information available so far in the mass media had informed that the mother of the two children would have seen the aggressor at least once at a shop in the area.

The woman also said that several friends had told here that the aggressor would have been seen in the Brasov area, Prelungirea Ghencea in the district.

People were also mobilized on the social media channels to identify the aggressor.

Police is also looking for him, saying that the suspect is not in their evidence as an aggressor.

Psychologists warn that child molesters enjoy too clement prison sentences, from 3 to ten years behind bars.

These people can have an ideal conduct while in prison and for that reason they enjoy jail time cuts. This is because they don’t have children in there to give way to what they think. But once they are released from prison, we find them near parks, near schools or kinderkartens. So, their feelings are latent while in prison, but they are exposed again when seeing children,” psychologist Dan Antonescu told Digi24.

French citizen, suspect of sexual relations with minors, arrested in Dej

Policemen from Dej have placed a French citizen under preventive arrest for 24 hours. The French man is suspect of sexual intercourse with minors against payment.

The police officers conducted searches in Cetan village near Dej to document a criminal record against a 61-year-old French citizen.

He is accused of sexual intercourse with several minors against payment. The Frenchman would have asked a 27yo man in Dej at the end of 2017 to find minors willing to have sex with him against payment. So, the man would have had sex with a 13-year-old minor on the night of December 31, 2017 in a rented house in Cetan village. Previously, he would have had sex with another two 16yo boys. There are photos taken with them.


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